4 ways to find jewellery laser welding machine supply

handheld laser marking machine

When it comes to jewellery laser welding machines, there are several options available on the market. These machines are specifically designed for precision welding of various types of jewellery, allowing for accurate and high-quality repairs, adjustments, and assembly work.

handheld laser marking machine

Laser Marking Machine For Jewellery With Rotay Axis

Here are a few popular jewellery laser welding machine brands:

  1. Rofin-Sinar: Rofin-Sinar offers a range of laser welding systems specifically designed for jewellery applications. Their machines are known for their precision, reliability, and advanced features.
  2. OR Laser: OR Laser is another well-known brand that offers laser welding machines suitable for jewellery applications. Their machines are known for their user-friendly interfaces, precision welding capabilities, and flexibility.
  3. LaserStar Technologies: LaserStar Technologies specializes in laser systems for jewellery manufacturing and repair. They offer a variety of laser welding machines suitable for small to large-scale jewellery applications.
  4. Sisma: Sisma is a renowned manufacturer of laser systems, including laser welding machines for the jewellery industry. They provide a range of models designed for different jewellery welding needs.
  5. Orotig: Orotig is a supplier of laser welding machines specifically tailored for jewellery repair and manufacturing. Their machines are known for their accuracy, speed, and ease of use.

When choosing a jewellery laser welding machine, consider factors such as power output, pulse duration, spot size, and the specific features and capabilities required for your jewellery welding tasks. It’s also important to assess the reputation, customer reviews, and after-sales support offered by the manufacturer.

handheld laser marking machinehandheld laser marking machinehandheld laser marking machine

When looking for suppliers of jewellery laser welding machines, you can consider the following options:

  1. 1. Manufacturer’s Direct Sales: Many manufacturers of jewellery laser welding machines sell their products directly to customers. You can visit the official websites of the brands mentioned earlier, such as Rofin-Sinar, OR Laser, LaserStar Technologies, Sisma, and Orotig, and check if they offer direct sales or have a list of authorized distributors.

  2. Distributors and Resellers: There are specialized distributors and resellers that supply jewellery laser welding machines from various manufacturers. They often have a wide range of products and can offer guidance on selecting the right machine for your specific needs. Some reputable distributors and resellers include:

  1. Rio Grande (
  2. Stuller (
  3. Gesswein (
  1. 2. Online Marketplaces: Online marketplaces like Alibaba ( and Global Sources ( can connect you with multiple suppliers and manufacturers offering jewellery laser welding machines. These platforms provide options to filter and compare products, read customer reviews, and contact suppliers directly.

  2. 3. Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Industry trade shows and exhibitions related to jewellery manufacturing and equipment often feature suppliers and manufacturers of laser welding machines. Attending these events can give you the opportunity to see the machines in person, discuss with representatives, and establish contacts with potential suppliers.

  3. 4. Local Industrial Equipment Suppliers: Check with local suppliers of industrial equipment or machinery, as they may carry or have access to jewellery laser welding machines. These suppliers can be found through online directories, industrial associations, or by reaching out to relevant trade organizations.

Remember to compare prices, warranty, after-sales service, and customer support when choosing a supplier. Additionally, consider factors such as shipping, installation, and training provided by the supplier to ensure a smooth integration of the laser welding machine into your jewellery manufacturing or repair processes.