Top 2 Laser Source Brands For mopa laser marking machine in china

mopa laser marking machine

Top 2 Laser Source Brands For mopa laser marking machine in china

These two mopa lasers are almost the same in terms of quality, service, and functions, but GZTECH will be a little more affordable.

Introducing JPT Mopa Fiber Lasers:


JPT Laser Company uses medium-power pulsed fiber lasers. These lasers are made for tasks requiring a high degree of speed and precision, such as engraving and marking. They provide variable pulse lengths, which is advantageous for various materials and applications.High Power Pulsed Fiber Lasers: These are employed in more difficult tasks, such as metal cutting and welding,color laser marking on stainless steel,etc. They provide improved beam quality and increased power output.

High Beam Quality: JPT lasers ensure clean, accurate cutting, marking, and engraving thanks to their exceptional beam quality.

Adjustable Pulse Width: This feature, which is particularly useful for MOPA lasers, increases adaptability by enabling users to customize the laser output to suit particular materials and applications.

Dependability and Sturdiness: JPT lasers are renowned for their sturdy construction and extended functional lifespans, which qualify them for use in rigorous industrial settings.

Integration Ease: The control software and user-friendly interfaces of these lasers make it simple to incorporate them into the current industrial systems.

Efficiency: Compared to conventional laser sources, JPT laser sources offer superior performance at a reduced power consumption.



The MOPA lasers from GZTECH stand out especially for their outstanding beam quality and pulse characteristics that can be adjusted, which makes them ideal for deep engraving, precision cutting, and precision marking. Their quasi-CW lasers are perfect for high-precision applications like laser welding and cutting since they have a high power output and little thermal impact.

Benefits of GZTECH Lasers:

Flexibility: A variety of applications are made possible by the ability to modify pulse parameters.

Quality: Exceptional cutting, marking, and engraving outcomes are guaranteed by high-quality laser output.
Economical: Over time, their extended lifespan and efficient energy use make them a cost-effective option.

Advanced Technology: JPT lasers stay at the forefront of the industry thanks to the incorporation of the most recent technological breakthroughs.